JKW – the one to thank for my entry into the bike industry. 
I met Jeff on a Kali organized group ride that I found out about via a Facebook event. It was my first month in Bellingham, I was eager to mingle, and when I saw him wearing a huge chest mount GoPro gimbal – I knew we needed to chat. 
2 weeks later we went to Mexico. 
That was 2017 and we've been working together ever since. The vast majority of content on Jeff's YouTube was filmed by me, and a handful was edited by me. 
Telling the stories of how successful mountain bike advocates have started and built their riding communities 

6 years ago – this was the first video we made together, and wow we had no idea what we were doing. Have to put it first though to honor our roots. Filmed and edited by me.

Pivot Firebird – filmed and edited. 43,185 views, 147 comments

Ibis Exie – filmed. 81,413 views, 334 comments

Santa Cruz Bronson – filmed. 42,467 views, 180 comments

Marin Rift Zone 2 – filmed. 32,711 views, 221 comments

SB140 Lunch Ride – filmed. 66,896 views, 155 comments

Orbea Occam LT – filmed. 53,416 views, 119 comments

Filmed and edited by me. 59,958 views, 448 Comments

A great time in LA filming the first Ibis Ripmo release. Thanks to John Watson of The Radavist for giving us a great tour. 

Filmed and edited. 1M views, 706 comments

Filmed and edited. 283,205 views, 254 comments

Filmed and edited. 175,356 views, 255 comments

Filmed and edited. 107,391 views, 350 comments

Filmed and edited. 55,320 views, 164 comments

Had great time hanging out and riding with the folks at Industry Nine. Almost made me want to move to Asheville, NC. 

Jeff's wheel is surprisingly still holding up years later.

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