During my time at Fanatik I focused mainly on long-form YouTube content. We also found consistent success on TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts. 
I worked to transition their media from product based, to content based. Meaning – instead of viewers watching because they care about the product, they’re watching because they care about Fanatik. 
How do you get people to choose you in a saturated market? Form a connection with them. Them being stoked on you will transition into them being stoked to buy from you.

Not Danny MaCaskill and not a Reserve Carbon, but beyond that, about the same. 149,638 views, 230 comments

A sequel to our first FR541 video. 209,299 views, 236 comments

A new bike, a downhill bike, and a trail bike walk into a Whistler bar.. Top performing release video across all outlets. 59,686 views, 133 comments

At 22min and a very niche product, this video out performed my expectations. 81,462 views, 203 comments

We put a great deal of effort into brainstorming and creating thumbnails. Designed to work hand-in-hand with the title, we'd often create and experiment with multiple versions, watching for an increased click-through rate.

Outperformed all other release videos. Featuring your's truly on the other side of the lens. 53,268 views, 169 comments

A fun trip to the homies at Forbidden for their new bike release. 73,787 views, 127 comments

An ode to the legends behind Will It Blend. 124,832 views, 356 comments

Released alongside the video to the left, we outperformed all competing outlets on this product launch (minus the manufacturer). 116,753 views, 278 comments

Some stats: period-over-period (their preceding year vs the first year I worked there)
Views: 1,019,149 to 12,175,554. 1095% increase
Watch Time: 52,206 hours to 214,098 hours. 310% increase
Subscribers Gained: 4,872 (32k to 37k) vs 21,572 (37k to 58k). 341% increase
Comments: 1,236 to 5,389. 336% increase
Average View Duration (minus YT Shorts): 3:04 min. 4:07 min. 14% increase
Videos Published: 41 vs 49

No secret people love to see things break. 107,572 views, 250 comments

A stupid idea that surprisingly made its way from a brainstorming joke to reality.  71,660 views, 155 comments

Wade Simmons and purposefully breaking bikes – for science. Great to meet all the cool folks at Rocky Mountain. 40,760 views, 90 comments

Thinking we were beating a dead horse, the title and thumbnail gave this video success – thanks Dan and Ian. 101,652 views, 238 comments

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